Morgemil Part 4 – Confidence

Being able to say that I have confidence in something I programmed is a great feeling. To build this confidence, I’m using unit testing. Unit testing is a method of verifying that individual pieces of code work as expected. I will not get into all the benefits of unit testing, I’ll just say why I am doing it: to check my work since no one else is doing so.

I began work on unit testing this afternoon. I installed NUnit and the Visual Studio extension to run unit tests directly:Nunit_extensionThen I added a new project to the solution called “Test”Nunit_projectI started with the easy file to test. Vector2i is all integer math, the expected results should be easy to reason about. To test Vector2i I made a new file with the same name and added a suffix “Test” in the new project. I read up on a quickstart with NUnit and F# and I wrote some code:

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