My original stated goal was to “write on a consistent basis“. I’ve already broken that goal by missing last weekend’s blog post.

I purposely did not state the time-frame when I made this commitment so that I could be sloppy and miss a few weeks without being held accountable. Even though I mentally promised myself once a week. By giving myself room to shirk from developing this habit, I did so. So here I state that I will do my best to be consistent and post a new topic every week.

Consistency builds habits. By writing about new topics each week, I am building a habit to learn new things. Learning new things often is one of my favorite things about my chosen career: software development. Sometimes when I’m tired or frustrated I’ll lose sight of that fact but by ingraining a learning habit, I can consistently be a better software developer by being more accustomed to, and happier, when I need to learn something new.

Consistency builds accountability. This is a no-brainer: do what you promise and your reputation will be worth its weight in gold, if non-corporeal concepts were to weigh a measurable physical amount. The point is that the respect of others is of incalculable benefit.

Consistency builds software. I’ll never finish my software projects if I don’t work on them. I can’t let much time go between spurts of work or my memory of what I was doing will start to deteriorate. Software is very complex and it is easy to forget details if you don’t see it often.