Morgemil Part 1 – Goals

I have a college-ruled notebook that I bought for a dime some years ago. I carried it to college with me and kept it in a box under my bed. Now, almost a year after graduation, I can still see that notebook sitting on the bookshelf to my right. Contained in that notebook is every project idea I have had in the intervening years and considered worthy, along with a bevy of notes and scribbles about the goals, design, and often implementation of that idea.

This long-term series is going to take the first idea entered into my notebook, in fact, older than my notebook: a minimalistic, old-school, single-player, open-world, 2D RPG.

This is hardly ground-breaking or original. The market is filled with such things and each has their own twist or gimmick. That is fine. I’m here to learn new things. I own this project and have the advantage of being able to do what I want.

So what do I want? I’m going to lay out a list of general goals here so that I can periodically remind myself. Many of these goals will be difficult to quantify and define, but I’m going to list them anyway because those are very commonly seen software requirements.


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