Questing for knowledge

I am Daniel Oliver, a professional software developer residing in Nashville, Tennessee, and this is my blog.

My purpose in initiating such a recurring demand of writing from myself is of the utmost importance, for without it my resolve will weaken and this blog perish. This purpose is to become a better software developer and to become a better professional.

To accomplish this purpose, I shall write on a consistent basis. By committing to write about something, I’ll have to learn new knowledge and concepts, refine old ones, or possibly even correct anything I know wrongly.

Do not be afraid that my writing shall be limited to technical subjects of computer science. I am also interested in the business aspect of software for it is of vital importance. After all, every business must perceive business value, or preferably direct economic value, to commission software.

Gaining technical excellence shall not be the only topic but it shall be very prominent as it is an excellent foundation for good software. Making appearances in this category will be programming languages: their structure, implementation, and utilization; my personal projects; best practices; software packages; computer science; and industry specific knowledge.

The philosophy of software development is another piece to add to the puzzle. Achieving technical excellence and creating business value must be done in an efficient and timely manner or else any opportunity would be lost to a competitor or merely to the passing of time.

These three things: technical excellence, business value, and software development are not the only concerns present; but they shall be the triad that makes up the vast majority of my topics.

So I suppose all I’m really trying to say is: I have a lot to learn. Will you learn with me?

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